Published in The Times on 31 May 2012


120531tt - S.K.A. ( Square Kilometre Area )is coming to South Africa

Description & Background

South Africa has won the rights to locate about 70 percent of the "Square Kilometre Array" (SKA), a $2 billion project capable of detecting signs of extraterrestrial life in the far reaches of the universe. Zapiro's cartoon alludes to  a new Police Commissioner being appointed on merit rather on political cronyism. Cynically Zapiro's cartoon does not see this happening in our lifetime just as unlikely  to see life in outer space.  Who will be South Africa's next police chief now that the board of inquiry has found the incumbent and suspended  national commissioner Bheki Cele  dishonest, negligent and not fit for office?


People in the cartoon


S.K.A / Square Kilometre Array / Telescopes / Intelligence / Intelligent Life / South Africa / Appointment of National Police Commisioner /

Text in the cartoon

S.K.A is coming (Welcome to South Africa)

A Chance to view the most distant phenomenain the universe...

Can it be?!
... A National Police Commissioner appointed on MERIT and not as a POLITICAL CRONY

....Although some phenomena......

... Huh?! Its gone!!....

Are just unlikely to see in our lifetime



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