Published in Sunday Times on 20 May 2012


120520st - Painting of Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed creates an uproar

Description & Background

The Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg and the City Press newspaper displayed a Brett Murray painting  of President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed, which has upset the ANC and has  divided public opinion in the country.    Taken aback by what they saw as a  ”distasteful and vulgar” work of art, representatives of the ANC including Jackson Mthembu and Mac Maharaj asked the Goodman to remove the painting from the exhibition, their website, and all other promotional materials on the grounds that it insulted the dignity of the presidency. President Jacob Zuma himself says he was “shocked, and felt personally ­offended and violated” when he saw a copy of artist Brett Murray’s painting The Spear for the first time.  He says The painting depicts him as “a philanderer, a womaniser and one with no ­respect”. Zapiro's cartoon says if Zuma wants respect he should earn it.  Zapiro's cartoon has taken the Brett Murray's painting to another level. - A shower below the belt!

People in the cartoon

Jacob Zuma


Art / Freedom of expression / Portrait / Brett Murray / Censorship

Text in the cartoon

"With apology to Brett Murray"
No apology to President Zuma
Want respect ?... Earn it


      • Sex Scandals
      • Corruption
      • Nepotism
      • Cronyism


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