Published in Sunday Times on 19 Feb 2012


120219st - Piet Mulder's interpretation of Southern African history

Description & Background

According to Piet Mulder (deputy minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and leader of the Freedom Front Plus) AFRICANS cannot lay claim to land in the Western Cape and Northern Cape because they are not original inhabitants of this land. Africans did not have a legal and historic claim to up to 40% of South Africa's land because they migrated from northern parts of Africa. He said this was based on a soon-to-be released book by two experts who tracked the land issue from as far back as the 1600s. What Piet Mulder has not said is that it was the 1913 Native Land Act, which dispossessed Africans of their property and apportioned 83% of land to whites.

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Piet Mulder


Freedom Front plus

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