Published in Mail & Guardian on 11 Aug 2011


110811mg - Wlll Shrien Dewani be safer in South Africa than in his native UK?

Description & Background

With the background of recent riots, violence and looting on the streets of London, District Judge Howard Riddle ruled that Shrien Dewani can be sent to South Africa to face charges of murder but referred the case to the British Home Secretary, Theresa May for a final decision. South African authorities are fighting for Dewani to go on trial with two local men for the murder of his Swedish-born wife Anni in Cape Town while on honeymoon last November which they believe the 31-year-old masterminded. One of the arguments not to allow extradition, was the danger and violence in South African prisons.

People in the cartoon

Shrien Dewani •Howard Riddle


•Extradition •Murder trial •London riots •Twitter message

Text in the cartoon

District of London - Crown Court
Mr Dewani will be extradited to South Africa where he will be safer


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