Published in Mail & Guardian on 24 Feb 2011


110224mg - 2011 Naked Emperor Oscars

Description & Background

Zapiro presents six candidate films for the 2011 Naked Emperor Oscars:

  • Burlesque(oni) with Silvio Berlusconi
  • Hereafter with Jacob Zuma
  • The Fighter with Quattara and Gbagbo
  • 127 hours with any Arab Dictator
  • The King's Speech with Gaddafi
  • The Social Network



Each panel is a cartoon in itself.

  • Berlusque: Silvio Belusconi, Italy's Prime Minister has a reputation of being surrounded by young girls looking for fame and having exotic parties
  • HEREAFTER: Jacob Zuma got lambasted for saying "you will go to heaven if you vote ANC"
  • The Figher: 3 months after he was defeated in the Ivory Coast Presidential election, Laurent Gbagbo still has n't given up
  • 127 hours: Since late January, Arab Dictator after Arab Dictator are being toppled in violent and non-violent uprisings
  • The King's Speech: Muammar Gaddafi makes rambling speech in reaction to unrest in Libya.
  • The Social Network: Tunisia is where it all began and Facebook was credited as the catalyst

People in the cartoon

Silvio Berlusconi •Jacob Zuma •Laurent Gbagbo •Alassane Ouattara • Muammar Gaddafi


Oscar candidates •Movies •Naked Emperor •Burlesque •Hereafter •The Fighter •127 Hours •The King's Speech •The Social Network

Text in the cartoon


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