Published in Sunday Times on 19 Dec 2010


101219st - Zuma's legal team presents Zapiro et al with a summons to pay R 5 million

Description & Background

Cartoon showing 'armed' police presenting a summons to a surprised Zapiro. Jacob Zuma warns them to be careful as the cartoonist pen is 'loaded'. Does Zuma consider the pen as powerful as the gun?

. Two years after the publication of the rape of Lady Justice cartoon, Jacob Zuma’s lawyers finally file papers with the Johannesburg High Court, suing Avusa and Zapiro for R5 million plus 15.5% interest per annum.

People in the cartoon

Jacob Zuma •Zapiro


Summons •Sunday Times •Rape of Justice cartoon •Loaded pen

Text in the cartoon

'Be careful pen is loaeded'


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