Published in Sunday Times on 1 Sep 2013


130901st - Obama's dilemma - Military Intervention in Syria

Description & Background

In the wake of what appears to have been the large-scale use of chemical weapons by forces loyal to the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, the United States and its allies seem to be approaching sort of muscular intervention into Syria’s civil war. Obama, who before taking office vowed to end the foreign policies of Bush, is now wrestling with some of the same moral and legal realities. Will Obama follow the policies of Bush 1 in 1991 and Clinton in 1999?

People in the cartoon

Barack Obama


Syria / Military intervention

Text in the cartoon

Your mission is to send an UNAMBIGUOUS SIGNAL to BUTCHER AL-ASSAD without causing actual REGIME CHANGE (awkward for us!) or unwittingly aiding anti-Assad jihadists... ... to shrink for INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE (though with no U.N. mandate or proof from U.N. weapon inspectors ) ... to hit MILITARY TARGETS but avoid civilians, chemical weapons stockpiles OR comparisons with IRAQ or Afghanistan ... to explode without igniting the MID-EAST tinder box

...but know smart bomb is THAT smart

and keep it quiet that the biggest ever chemical attrocity was OUR bombing Vietnam with Agent Orange


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