Published in Sunday Times on 31 Oct 2010


101031st - Vavi once more attacks the behaviour of the 'get-rich-quick' politicians and their relatives

Description & Background

After the ANC's NGC at the end of September, Zwelinzima Vavi accused certain people in the ANC as being 'political hyenas'. This week Zwelinzima Vavi has once again lashed out at "the BEE types" calling them members of the "predatory elite". Vavi criticizes both conspicuous consumption in general and operation of predatory (political) hyenas in particular. What triggered off this lasted lambast was the conduct of some of the political elite present at a birthday party costing R 700,000.

Zapiro's cartoon shows Vavi driving a group of tourists around Johannesburg as if he were in the wilds. Sarcastically, like in a real game reserve, he requests silence so that they may have a chance to see the political hyenas scavenging the carcass of the 'body politic'. Among those criticized are the ANCYL, Gupta bros, Aurora mining and Khulubuse Zuma, Imperial Crown Trading and Duduzane Zuma, Nyandi, the Kebbles and Danda Majali.

People in the cartoon

Zwelinzima Vavi


Corruption •Getting rich quick •Political hyena •Unacceptable behaviour •Cosatu

Text in the cartoon

Vavi safaris - Downtown Jo'burg Habitat of the POLITICAL HYENA! No noise please ... We may catch them SCAVENGING on the CARCASS of the BODY POLITIC !

ANCYL GUPTA Bros, AURORA Mining - Khulubuse Zuma, Imperial Crown Trading - Dudane Zuma, Nyanda Associates, The KEBBLES Dead & Alive , SANDI Majali - HIJACK INC


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