Published in The Times on 31 Jan 2013


130131tt - Who controls Judge Seriti's Commission of Inquiry into the Arms Deal?

Description & Background

Judge Seriti's Commission of Inquiry in to Arms Deal  was set up towards the end of i2011 at the request of Jacob Zuma.. Mid-2012 Sereti said the it may take upto 3 years to complete. In January 2013, chief investigator resigns. He claims the commission is being manipulated in the direction of a “second agenda”, which is not aimed at getting to the bottom of the scandal.It appears that this commssion of inquiry is just another cover-up as they were in the days of apartheid.

People in the cartoon

Jacob Zuma / Willie Seriti


Arms Deal, and Arms Deal Inquiry /Cover Ups / Hidden Agendas / Judges / Seriti Commission

Text in the cartoon

Arms Deal Probe


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