Published in The Times on 19 Aug 2010


100819tt - New Age remarks on Zuma's clothes as 'Outfit stunning'

Description & Background

'New Age' is a recently launched and much-discussed newspaper that has been funded by a family with close links to the ANC. Vuyo Mvoko is the editor who previously worked for the SABC and Business Day, has said that the New Age will be an experiment in positive news. It is felt in the media that New Age will become mouth piece of Zuma's govt.

Zapiro's cartoon shows Vuyo Mvoko praising Jacob Zuma (the emperor with no clothes), while his guards take away and gag the media.

The cartoon is based on Andersen’s fairy tale - The Emperor’s New Clothes - passed a message that just because everyone else believes something is true doesn’t mean it is.

People in the cartoon

Vuyo Mvoko •Jacob Zuma


Press freedom •New Age •Media gagged

Text in the cartoon

New age. Outfit stunning Read all about it.


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