Published in Mail & Guardian on 20 May 2010


100520mg - As a result of the Draw Muhammad Day campaign, Muhammad visits his psychologist.

Description & Background

As a result of the 'Everybody Draw Muhammad Day Campaign', Zapiro's cartoon shows Muhammad visiting his psychologist and asks why his own followers don't have a sense of humour. Followers of Islam will be offended because according to their beliefs the Prophet Muhammad should not be drawn. This cartoon does not intend to offend even if it has, but to demonstrate another view on the situation.

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day (20th May 2010) is an event organized to protest the violence faced by artists, cartoonists, and creators of all stripes who would exercise their free speech to parody or even depict the Prophet Muhammad as they would any other religious or political figure, and the chilling effect those threats have upon free speech. The event stems specifically from the reaction to the show 'Southpark' which earlier this year depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. The show’s creators were threatened by an Islamic group, after which another 'Southpark' episode was censored by Comedy Central. A US cartoonist then did a whimsical cartoon questioning how Muhammad would look, and she suggested ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’ but later withdrew her suggestion due to pressure. But many other cartoonists had already responded positively like Zapiro, who took up the suggestion as an assertion of free speech. The fact is that this campaign has released strong and emotional reaction from all sides and will continue to do so.

People in the cartoon

Prophet Muhammad


Everybody Draw Muhammad Day,Freedom of speech,Islam,Threats

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OTHER prohets HAVE followers with a sense of humour


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