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Zapiro used rape to show severity

Source: Mail & Gaurdian Thoughtleader

I have read both Michelle Solomon’s and Lili Radloff’s pieces on why they think the latest Zapiro cartoon was offsides. I share Michelle’s feeling of looking at the cartoon and feeling powerless to help the two women, and of feeling viscerally nauseated at the image of the unbuckled belt. This cartoon is shocking, and it is offensive to rape survivors, and to women, who are portrayed as helpless. (For full article click here)

More On New Zapiro Rape Cartoon Featuring Jacob Zuma

Source: 15 June 2011

The editor of South African cartoonist Jonathan "Zapiro" Shapiro declared the paper's support for a cartoon that extends a previously-used rape metaphor to a free speech issue currently facing the South African press. The initial cartoon, a worldwide sensation, was published in 2006. Shapiro is currently being sued by South African president Jacob Zuma for previous iterations of the cartoon directed at commentary on the legal system. The Mail & Guardian editor, Nic Dawes, pointed out the irony of threatened legal action against the new cartoon, that an obvious expression of free speech in support of free speech would be targeted for censure. (Click here for full article)

Rape will never be just another metaphor

Source: Mail & Guardian Online

Last Friday, Zapiro published his third cartoon in a series that invokes a rape metaphor to describe government violations of democratic institutions. Friday's cartoon showed a visibly brutalised Lady Justice calling out to Lady Press Freedom to "Fight, sister fight!!" as she is faced with a similar fate of rape at the hands of the government. (Click here for full artcicle)


Another Zuma-vs-Zapiro cartoon battle, another outrage in the wall

Source: The Daily Maverick

On Friday, the Mail & Guardian published another controversial cartoon by satirist Zapiro. Even though the rhetoric has subsided somewhat since the tempestuous days of 2008, little has changed between President Jacob Zuma and Zapiro. By SIPHO HLONGWANE.(Click here for full artcicle)


Zapiro back in ANC's sights

Source: Mail & Guardian

South Africa's best-known cartoonist, Zapiro, could again be facing legal action by the African National Congress (ANC) following the publication of a new cartoon of President Jacob Zuma. (Click on source for full article)

Paper, Zapiro stand by Zuma cartoon

Source: News24

Cape Town - The Mail and Guardian said on Monday that it stands by its publication of Zapiro’s latest controversial cartoon which the ANC might take legal action against. (Click on source for full article)


Zapiro vs Zuma: a case of indecent decency?

Source: Justininza

The Zapiro cartoon that appeared in this week’s Mail & Guardian on the SA government and ANC’s intent on pushing through the grotesquely flawed Protection of Information Bill (aka the “Secrecy” bill) has yet again provoked contentious reaction. Some have praised it (quietly or gleefully), others ridiculed it (quietly or uproariously), while some have announced it as a step too far (Click on source for full article)


Zapiro Zaps Zuma Again


Jonathan Shapiro – better know as Zapiro – has taken another massive dig at Jacob Zuma which may well see him getting slapped with another lawsuit by the president. (Click on source for full article)


Fight, sister, fight!! Zapiro cartoon causes yet another stir

Source: cciba - Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book

Social networking sites are abuzz with comments about Zapiro's latest cartoon, which echoes his controversial 2008 illustration of President Jacob Zuma "raping" Lady Justice.
Jonathan Shapiro's latest cartoon, published in the Mail&Gaurdian's Friday edition, depicts an apparent rape victim, presumably Lady Justice, shouting "fight, sister, fight!" as Zuma unbuckles his trousers in front of a woman labelled "Free Speech". She is held down by the ANC's Gwede Mantashe. Zuma, complete with the infamous showerhead, has "govt" emblazoned on his jacket.
The newspaper sent out a link to the cartoon on social networking site Twitter, saying the drawing "holds no punches". Reaction from Twitter users varied.
"Wow. Let's hear it for @zapiro. Worth getting sued for, friend," IvoVegter wrote. LifeisSavage said: "Zapiro cartoon today owns Zuma again... lawsuit likely".


Zapiro in Hot Water Over Second Rape Cartoon


Our good friend from South Africa, cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (who goes by the pen name “Zapiro”) has found himself in hot water once again over a recent cartoon he drew showing South African President Jacob Zuma preparing to “rape” a woman labeled “Free Speech”. (Click here for full article)

Rape Metaphor causes Problems with ANC again


Rape Metaphor

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Original Rape Metaphor

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Original Rape Metaphor

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